Josh Jacobson Sideline Ft. Gigamesh Release Date: 01.26.2018

Within less than a year, NY producer Josh Jacobson has been steadily building a fan base of his own, while hitting the road on two successive and successful headline tours. The future /soul sounds of Jacobson come from his mastery of singing, songwriting, producing and playing multiple instruments, proving to be a tour-de-force.

On the heels of his last release "Fade," Jacobson has joined forces with LA-based artist and producer Gigamesh to release "Sideline," out today. "I had so much fun working with Gigamesh on this record! I've been a fan of his music for a while and was definitely a bit nervous heading to an all-day session in LA with such a legendary dance music & pop producer. But we clicked immediately, started jamming on ideas and had the demo for 'Sideline' done within a couple hours! From there we’ve been sending ideas back and forth, collaborating from his studio in LA and mine in NYC. He tightened the boom bap groove and added some amazing new sounds and production elements while I layered vocals and took it out to Mars a bit with the Moog jams in the middle. There were a bunch of dope sections that didn’t make it into the final record too so I look forward to sharing remixes and alt versions later on. I think our styles came together to create something special on this one," shares Josh.

"Sideline" meshes pop with R&B for a nice little number, that lyrically speaks about growth and new beginnings. As Jacobson puts it, "It’s about those inner voices at times of transition that are at once exciting but so challenging emotionally. I think these lyrics will resonate with a lot of people in different ways, so I’m excited to hear how people relate to the song."