Review: Logan Henderson dazzles at Hackensack Meridian Health Stage 17

New York On January 25, Logan Henderson, from Big Time Rush fame, performed at Hackensack Meridian Health Stage 17, as part of Westwood One’s Grammy week.

His set featured the upbeat and crisp, “Bite My Tongue,” where he was backed by a talented acoustic guitar player. “Thank you,” Henderson said, following the warm reception of “Bite My Tongue.” It was followed by the haunting “Speak of the Devil,” where his voice was smooth as silk. Equally impressive was his flawless single “Sleepwalker,” thus showcasing his rumbling and expressive vocals.

Henderson is not afraid to display his vulnerability as a recording artist, and in return, his vulnerability is his listener’s reward. He is able to convey a wide spectrum of emotions through his music.

He closed his set with a superb, stripped down rendition of “Wonderwall” by Oasis, which he dubbed as “one of his favorites,” and rightfully so. He was able to dust off the Oasis original, and give it a refreshing, sultry feel.

The Verdict

Overall,Logan Henderson delivered at Hackensack Meridian Health Stage 17, just in time for Grammy week. He sang with a great deal of heart and passion. His lyrics and vocals were remarkable. Henderson’s intimate set garnered an A rating.

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