Logan Henderson Will Not Be Silenced in ‘Bite My Tongue’ Video: Exclusive

Los Angeles-based singer Logan Henderson is keeping something big to himself and he’s risking it all to do it in the video for his latest single “Bite My Tongue,” out today via Herø? Records

In a video shot in London and directed by hometown talent Sashinski (Snakehips, Jonas Blue) the singer-songwriter stars as a brooding loner on the run in a simulation that leaves the boundaries of reality ambiguous. In the process, Henderson has his evasive skills tested by a sharply dressed crew amid a brightly lit urban jungle, all while protecting a female companion. Tension reaches that of an action-thriller, with intricate chase scenes and several well-staged physical confrontations.

The glitzy getaway through late night London is the perfect complement to a track with production by RAS (Avicii, All Time Low, Diplo) that’s halfway between ’80s pop and the moodier, modern R&B. According to Henderson, the mixed throwback sound lent itself to the video’s visual aesthetic.

“From the beginning, we felt this song had a sense of nostalgia that merged with our current taste in music,” Henderson tells Billboard. “Our goal sonically was to maintain that hybrid of something new and something familiar.”

Sashinski adds, “In early conversations with Logan it was clear that this video needed to be somewhat dark and character-driven. We wanted to channel that feeling of being in a thriving metropolis, surrounded by people and activity, yet still being alone and needing to tap into something superficial in order to feel human connection.”

With a mind-bending conclusion, it’s unclear if Henderson the protagonist has ultimately gained the insight to escape his isolation, but it’s certain that Henderson the artist has completely come into his own.

The singer-songwriter is perhaps best known for his role in the TV show and musical counterpart Big Time Rush. Following his solo debut “Sleepwalker” from earlier this year, “Bite My Tongue” is another knockout track that indicates prospects are bright for his as-of-yet unannounced first solo project.

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