Herø Records takes the fusion of music & comics to a whole new level

Press Release, New York, February 6th, 2018

Revolutionary studio Herø Records takes the fusion of music & comics to a whole new level as they introduce their recording artists through a unique transmedia experience.

The idea of building a universe that houses comics and music under a single label came to CEO Matt Medney, as he sought to unite his two lifelong passions into one product. In a series of events, similar to how Nick Fury assembled The Avengers, Medney recruited all the best industry professionals needed to make his vision a reality. Among them: Brent Battles, Vice President of Promotion at Sony, the man responsible for the popularity of BTS, Flume, Green Day and The Chainsmokers; Voodoo Bownz, the graphic artist known for his work for deadmau5 and David Guetta; and Morgan Rosenblum, the transmedia comics publisher behind the two times bestselling graphic novel series “Treadwater”. Thus was born a record label, the likes of which the world has never seen before. They called it Herø.


In Medney’s vision, the user begins their journey at MusicMeetsComics.com, where a library of original comic book IPs awaits them. As they embark on their first graphic novel, a perfectly paired record helps them slip into the atmospheric adventure of their choosing. The stirring ambience of the records places the user right alongside the novel’s characters and stays with them for long after they’ve finished reading. The next day an unanticipated package arrives on their doorstep. Inside it is an artifact from the HerA? universe, which lets them unlock additional exciting content, be it an unplugged recording from the music artist or a hidden side story from the graphic novel. The experience Medney seeks to create for his audience is personal, immersive, exciting, yet fully automated.


Medney’s grand vision for Herø Records is not just fantasy as the debut project of the revolutionary studio launches on February 9th, entitled “The Red”. It is a graphic novel – music album hybrid, seamlessly fused together and freely available on MusicMeetsComics.com.


“The Red” is set in a future ruled by a single government which pulled the world back out of the rubble of nuclear war. For the first time, humanity has found peace and prosperity, at the price of suppressing extreme emotions using a drug called Prexadrine. The story follows a group of gifted musicians, artists, and others with the illegal ability to produce emotionally inspiring “red” content, the worst sort of contraband, who find themselves at the heart of a rebellion that will shake the foundations of their world.


Thematically, the graphic novel takes its cues from “Equilibrium” as well as a futuristic reimagining of the Prohibition Era. Aesthetically it is inspired by “Blade Runner“, along with a number of other landmarks of the sci-fi genre, references to which are scattered across the graphic novel. Other easter eggs hidden within “The Red” include more or less direct references to the artists signed to the Herø label.

One such artist is the Seattle-based electro-industrial group Radioactive X Girlfriend (RxGF), which is personified in the graphic novel as Dez, the main character’s on-and-off-again toxic, a whirlwind of emotion girlfriend’s Dez’s character is introduced as she sings on the stage of a futuristic speakeasy, a unique and atmospheric setting, which is brought to life in equal parts by the graphic artist and RxGF’s music.


Other notable recording artists featured in The Red’s universe include Logan Henderson, former actor and singer on Nickelodeon’s “Big Time Rush.”


While there exists a high degree of correspondence between the characters in the graphic novel and the artists signed to the Herø label, the correlation among them is left intentionally imperfect. This unconventional approach, separates the Herø label from its predecessors, as it keeps the graphic novel separate from the recording artists and vice-versa. Rather than use the graphic novel as a crutch for the artist’s music, the label treats both products as independent pillars, each capable of carrying its own weight.


Key Dates & Resources


Feb 09, 2018 The official soft launch date of MusicMeetsComics.com. Don’t miss it!

Mar 13, 2018 Experiential Storytelling panel at the SXSW Festival, the creators of Herø Records will reveal their trade secrets and share their vision, dubbed: 

Transversive Storytelling: Music Meets Comics

Meet us there! schedule.sxsw.com/2018/events/PP99188

PR-Contact Write to [email protected], if you’d like to set up a personal interview with the creators of Herø Records or their recording artists.

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